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New pupils often make outstanding progress when they first join the school as their emotional and individual needs are very well met


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About Our School:

Leeds Christian School of Excellence is part of Chapeltown Community Church. We initially began as Chapeltown Homework Club, which has been a long established ‘after school’ provision for both primary and secondary education.

As a result of feedback from parents concerning the greater need to be kept up to date with how schools monitor and track students, we developed ‘Back to School’ seminars which are run on a yearly basis.This has become the basis for the demand for Christian Education that is supportive of parents who desire to have their children educated in a loving environment adhering to godly principles.

We believe that a new school is needed in our area as part of the fulfilment of the church’s mission of reconciliation across cultural, educational and economic barriers in what has been called a ‘broken society’.

In our school all children will be nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential through inspiring, innovative teaching coupled with a strong moral ethos and high standards of self discipline.

Parents have commented on how well their children have done through the support given to them at the homework club. We believe that as a school the success in educational progress achieved would benefit the wider local community.

Our school would be of a religious character and this would be reflected in our admissions policy. However, we would welcome students from any background who were willing to adhere to the ethos of the school.